All You Want to Know About USA RugbyWhether you have an animal who is suffering from a health challenge, exhibiting a tricky behavior issue—or you simply want your pet to have as long and happy a life as possible—energy healing is a powerful tool.

As an animal communicator, my job is to translate what your pet is thinking or feeling. I use telepathy, which is the transference of pictures, words and feelings. Telepathy is always occurring,whether you are aware of it or not, and that means you are already engaging in it with your pet.

Our animal companions are looking to us and listening to us at all times — even if they appear to be in their own world, or even if we spend a lot of time in our own world. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are in their world as we are in everyone else’s world! As I say in my book, “Communication with all Life: Revelations of an Animal Communicator,” we are of one mind.

When we say a command like “no,” or “come,” we have to commit to that intention. So many times I see someone say “no” to a small dog and then two seconds later they pick the dog up and kiss it because it’s so cute. But what is that really saying? It’s saying, “No, yes, you are the cutest, you rule my world — just do what you want.” Is that really providing safety for them? The answer is no.

If you tell a dog to get off the couch, and it does, but then you think to yourself, “When I leave the room, the dog will get back on the couch,” guess what? The dog sees your pictures or hears your thoughts, and it’s an almost kneejerk reaction that when you leave the room he/she gets back on the couch.


Creating balance rather than just treating symptoms

When you are driving your car and the oil light goes on, you don’t cover the oil light and drive on. You take the car to the garage and see why the oil light has come on. Or when the fire alarm in your house goes off, you don’t (or you shouldn’t) take the battery out so you won’t hear the alarm anymore, you look for what triggered the alarm, where the smoke is coming from.

Similarly, when your animal / pet have a symptom, for instance fever, runny tummy, it is it's body’s alarm going off, it is a cry for help. It is telling you something is off, something needs to change, something needs to be done to see why your pets body is crying out for help. Unfortunately in Western Medicine, what we do is put a band aid over the oil light or we take out the battery to stop hearing the alarm.

We suppress the symptom with a drug. For instance, if we have heartburn, we take Nexium or an antacid, if we have a headache, we take Tylenol, for depression, Prozac. When we do that, we think of heartburn as a Nexium deficiency, a headache as a Tylenol deficiency and depression as a Prozac deficiency.

We usually do not look to see why we have that symptom, what is the cause, what are the underlying imbalances. I learnt that a symptom is a pointer to some imbalance in the system, it is telling us that something needs to be done to create balance again. Instead of suppressing the symptom, we try to create balance. Sometimes you do need to suppress symptoms, for instance if you are in a lot of pain, but it is essential to see symptoms as pointers to some underlying imbalance and try to see why your oil light is on.

In this new model of Medicine, we look for the underlying imbalance or dysfunctions and look for the root causes and address those to treat dis-ease rather than  automatically resorting to drugs to suppress the symptoms.

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