How to help an aggressive dog

The overall health of your family is very important to you, so naturally, you choose the best care to ensure everyone’s health and happiness — this includes your pets.


How to help an aggressive dog

Maybe your dog is suddenly acting up and you don’t know why. Or perhaps your dog has always been aggressive?


Bat Flying Jungle Trees.jpg.653x0 q80 crop smartBats can be a little scary-looking, but these winged mammals are as varied and interesting as we humans are. Below are 11 facts about these environmentally valuable creatures.


pugsJust like humans can suffer from anxiety, our dogs and cats can also become anxious, fearful or tense. As they can’t tell us how they are feeling, it is our duty as pet owners to understand our pets’ behaviour and try to help them.

Humming birdAnimals that use fluttering flight, such as hummingbirds and dragonflies, can fly backwards.Dragonflies and hummingbird are among the animals that can fly backwards.